Jin Gang is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial furnaces in Singapore today, and has fabricated and delivered furnaces to help customers meet their needs for heat treatment of metal objects for more than three decades. We have the necessary expertise to customise our industrial furnaces to meet the exacting specifications of each and every one of our customers, which range from small-scale CNC workshops and educational institutes, to large-scale corporations and laboratories. Whatever your thermal and heat treatment needs may be, Jin Gang will strive to design and supply the most suitable solution for you.

Take a look at our wide range of industrial furnaces, all of which are designed and developed to provide the heat treatment options that our customers need, while coming in different shapes and sizes to best fit within the available spaces in their facilities. We design and produce industrial furnaces such as box furnace, dual chamber, atmospheric furnaces. We also supply table-top laboratory furnaces for experimental purposes, car bottom furnaces designed for intense and continuous heat treating, rotary-hearth furnaces for easy loading through a pneumatically-operated entry aperture, and roller-hearth furnaces facilitating easy loading through the use of rollers, amongst other designs. Liaise with us today about the needs and requirements of your industry, and let us prove why Jin Gang is one of the industrial furnace manufacturers of choice for all of your heat treatment needs.

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